by Stephen Volk
(novella, PS Publishing, 2017)


I was Group Manager at forty-six with a Range Rover Evoque, a beautiful wife and two gorgeous, healthy children, and that was all I wanted. 

Or so I thought...

This is the story of a man who takes a path to become the person he always wanted to be, but never believed he was. Fate takes a hand, a very special person enters his life and changes everything. Emboldened by an irrational passion he risks everything he thought he loved and valued - but the price is worth paying for happiness. ...Isn't it?

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"Erotic, devastating and written by someone at the height of his powers. Stephen Volk pulls the rug out from under you - you'll never find your feet while you fall"  Johnny Mains, editor of Best British Horror 

"Stephen Volk has long been a master of the art of chilling the reader's blood - as his latest piece, while modest in length, demonstrates. His continuing ability to hone his prose (so that not a word is wasted in delivering the impact on the reader) is undimmed... One caveat, perhaps, and it's probably one that Volk will like: it's not a piece to be read at night"  Barry Forshaw, Crimewave 

"An unsettling tale... Stephen Volk has an uncanny knack for creating tales that haunt you in the hours and days that follow you reading them"  Paul Simpson, Sci-Fi Bulletin

"What a treat... Cleverly structured and quietly devastating... Some books, you finish reading them and you're done; but the events of The Little Gift stick around in your head, nag at your thoughts, reveal new interpretations as you shower, go shopping or drive to work. It's another remarkable work from one of the best writers we have"  James Everington, Scattershot Writing 

"Volk has a strong record for writing brilliant novellas. Settle in for a disturbing journey from a writer with formidable talent"  Crime Fiction Lover

"In The Little Gift Stephen Volk makes the reader question every twist and turn, every genre shift and each precise choice of language. It's a roadmap to places the reader thinks they know well, only to discover Volk is leading them into uncharted territory. A place where true horror resides"  Anthony Cowin, This Is Horror 

"In the menagerie of quiet horror, The Little Gift is a church mouse. This kind of horror isn't a jump scare or even mounting dread. It's a cold, hard look in the mirror"  Gef Fox, Cementery Dance Online

"Carefully paced, with some wonderfully understated dialogue, there's a kind of stark beauty to the writing that makes certain lines and phrases sing off the page... Filled with tension, love for the family and the promise of what might have been, as well as the cold tug of grief and shock, this is an excellent novella and highly recommended"  Mark West, Strange Tales  

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